Htool is an implementation of hierarchical matrices (cf. this reference or this one ), it was written to test Domain Decomposition Methods (DDM) applied to Boundary Element Method (BEM). It provides:

  • routines to build hierarchical matrix structures (cluster trees, block trees, low-rank matrices and block matrices),
  • parallel matrix-vector and matrix-matrix product using MPI and OpenMP,
  • preconditioning techniques using domain decomposition methods,
  • the possibility to use Htool with any generator of coefficients (e.g., your own BEM library),
  • an interface with HPDDM for iterative solvers,
  • GUI and several service functions to display informations about matrix structures and timing,
  • a Python interface.

Htool is written by Pierre-Henri Tournier and I, it is available on GitHub .

Pierre Marchand
Research Associate in applied mathematics
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